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Name:Colette 'Cole' Wise
Location:United States of America
Name: Colette Wise
Nickname: Cole
Age: 21

Species: Carrion spirit
Sub Species: Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)
Alignment: Neutral
Visuals: tumblr

History: Cole is the third of four girls born to Lester and Betty Wise. Lester runs a cow calf operation on the family farm, along with his brother and the help of his girls. Betty works in Branson as an accountant for one of the larger stage shows. They're part of a large extended family that's very close knit and affection. It helps to both maintain the secrets of those members of the family that have the carrion trait and in helping keep them properly supplied. In return the regular family members show a greater resistance to hexing and other negative magic fall out.

Cole manifested her second nature at the age of three when an aunt carrying a cursed object for her mother triggered the toddler to transform into a very hungry baby turkey vulture. Delighted that one of her daughters would carry on the tradition and abilities, Betty taught Cole control of her abilities and the sense of duty she believed all of their kind should have. Her father might have been unable to share the fine details, but Cole picked up a positive attitude and a strong work ethic from her him. The strong desire to leave her home range that was all her own.

Her parents supported her need to travel afield from the family roost to the extent of helping her cover the cost of starting college in nearby Springfield. Two years and half a dozen major changes left Cole sure she had no idea what she wanted to do other than live in another state. Using family contacts, she found a job that would cover cost of living in New York, and bid a tearful goodbye to her family. She hopes to find her direction in life while making a living cleaning up after crimes scenes and dead bodies far from home.

Species Description: Carrion spirits are entities that help manage the waste and more dangerous aspects of the magical world. The ability runs in family lines and is only seen in about one in four of those families, becoming more frequent in more contaminated areas. Depending on the animal the carrion spirit line is associated, they display different habits and abilities, but all consume the remains of dead or dying magical beings. Some also consume dangerous magical items or spells. This is food for them and absolutely necessary for the individual's survival, even if it's frequently seen as disgusting by those not used to carrion spirits.

Specific Abilities:
Shapeshifting-Cole can become a large turkey vulture at will. If she hasn't fed within a reasonable span, she will revert to this form until the hunger is satiated.

Defensive Vomiting-Exactly like true turkey vulture, when threatened or upset, Cole can empty her stomach with upsetting accuracy, coating the target with her highly caustic stomach acid and the remains of whatever nasty magic she last ate. If she empties her stomach completely, she'll have to eat something relatively soon or suffer the negative consequences from an empty stomach.

Spell Eating-She can consume and there by neutralize spelled or cursed objects, talismans, and the bodies magical things. She had been training with her grandmother to learn how to more abstract things like ghosts and spells without physical touch stones, but has only managed to ever eat one tattered remnant of a residual ghost. Time and further training may develop this ability.

Resistance to Magic-Consider this her magical immune system. Over her life she has been repeatedly exposed to different hostile magical forces that allows her to hold out longer and to a greater degree to such exposures. This is not a complete or perfect immunity, but a useful trait to a creature that literally has to deliberately expose herself to potentially dangerous magic in order to survive. This also makes it more difficult, if not impossible, for her to perform magic outside of her natural abilities.

Smells Magic-Like a turkey vulture can scent the dead, her ability to sense magic is almost entirely smell based. She can follow her nose to a source of malevolent magic or a dead magical being within a quarter of a mile as a human and four times that or more as a vulture. Living things or neutral to positive magics don't register most of the time.

Magical Digestion-Admittedly, this is more of a trade off. She has to consume magic, either in the form of cursed objects, which she can eat regardless of what would be otherwise dangerous or poison, or from the flesh of magical creatures/beings. If she doesn't, she will starve to death, regardless of whatever else she eats.

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